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If recent developments are anything to go by,the area around the foothills of Mt Kenya is fast emerging as a hotspot for residential and commercial real estate. With developed infrastructure,including luxury bush lodges,five-star hotels,conservancies,ranches,game parks and holiday homes,as well as largescale farming,the area has attracted investment from local and foreign investors. Located approximately 120kms from […]

Many people live life without realizing the situation of their finances and the future outlook based on current circumstances.Buffet’s words are a wake-up call to examine one’s condition and allow that to motivate or be the reason to make a change for the better. #earnwhileyousleep

Great thinkers and leaders know that the best way to keep yourself on the pathway to success is by having a plan.A plan that build on success anticipates future challanges and opportunities.A plan thats structured enough to keep you moving forward and flexible enough that you can adapt when the unexpected comes calling.Let us be […]


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